Procedures on how to install OurTv satellite dish and decoders

Step 1 – Assemble Universal Mount Assembly If you will be installing your dish on a tripod.

Step 2: Assemble Clamp and attach the clamp Mount 90 cm Elliptical Dish parabolic reflector and LNB feed as seen in the image below.

Step 3 – connect the mounting foot and LNB as seen in the following image


The satellite name is Nigcomsat-1R and it is located on 42.5˚E longitude of the Equator. Fine tuning i.e. adjusting the elevation, azimuth and skew angle of your 90cm antenna as seen in the image with a symbol rate of (5000baud) and frequency of (12538 MHz) set on your satellite meter, you should get a lock on the satellite. Note: Standard elevation of ±2 from 47.7


Proceed to the following installation procedures of the indoor unit (Our TV) Box, after you have successfully located the Satellite.

  • Connect the RF cable from your LNB to the RF in of your receiver.
  • Connect your HDMI cable from the receiver to your TV.
  • Power on your receiver with the power adapter seen in your package.
  • Navigate to menu and select satellite scan as seen in the image below
  • Select Nigcomsat – 1R as seen in the list in the Fig 1 above, then press the green button on your remote control to scan.
  • Enjoy viewing our entertainment channels on Nigeria communication satellite.