About OurTv

 OurTv is a one-time payment service that offers absolutely Free-To-View channels. OurTv decoders offers 12 months warranty cover with outrightly Free-to View broadcasting network with great and exciting channels. We to ensure customers satisfaction and upgrades would  be made based on subscriber’s experience .Would you keep paying for TV subscription? When you can get premium content on OurTv for free, want to know more about this freemium TV? Contact OurTv customer support.

Easy Self Service

 OurTV decoders work with standard dishes. Your kits will be setup in less time.

Direct Broadcast

OurTv is a direct broadcast satellite service. You can view OurTv anywhere in Nigeria.

One-time Payment

No ongoing charges. One-time payment service which covers a decoder and accessories.

12 months Warranty Cover

OurTv decoders have a 12-month warranty cover.


We offer 24/7 support

Free To View Channels

 No monthly commitment, no bouquet selection, all channels are free to view.